A Guide to Children and Grief

By the age of 18, one in five children will experience the death of someone close to them. These children need special love and support from their family and mentors in those trying times. It is therefore so important that those they look to are prepared to help them as they wrestle through the grieving process. A Guide to Children and Grief is your easy-to-use resource for information on children and grieving.

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Help for Grieving Children of Any Age

A Guide to Children and Grief provides an introduction to issues common to grieving children.

You will learn:

  • How children grieve differently than adults
  • What to say and do to help grieving children of different ages
  • Where to find additional resources to help you and the child

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We All Can Help A Grieving Child

Nearly all of us encounter children as we go through our day-to-day lives. A staggering one in 20 children experiences the death of one or both of their parents before they turn 15. You therefore never know when you may be interacting with a child that needs your help.

This children's grief guide can help parents, teachers, babysitters, nannies, friends, and mentors who provide comfort and support during a child's grieving process.

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Why We Created This Book

Though the number of children who are forced to go through a grief process is high, the information and resources for helping those children is astonishingly hard to come by. Valley of Life wanted to help make this important information easily available to those that find themselves in this difficult situation. Help is now available in this easy to read and share guide.

The author, Miri Rossitto, is the owner of Valley of Life, as well as a mother of two beautiful girls. As she's worked and talked with others who have lost a loved one, the topic of children and grief has come up often. This book is intended for those that were looking for help and couldn't find it.

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Feedback and Thoughts

We always appreciate feedback on what we are doing. Please send your feedback on what you just read, your grief experiences, suggestions on improving our services or your suggestions for other topics. We will use the feedback we receive to improve future editions of the book and grow our library of resources.

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This book is intended for those that were looking for help and couldn't find it. I wish I had a copy after my sister's death for her children. Check out her site....there are some wonderful resources there.
~ Diana Doyle, Sunshine in a Blue Cup

This small book is full of helpful tips for helping yourself and others, especially children, make the way through the sadness and back into the light of living.
~ Terri Forehand, Heartfeltwords4Kids

It is informative, to the point, easy to understand (and I emphasize EASY) and has what I call quick reference charts to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
~ Ruby, MothersInMourning

I think we, as adults, get caught up in our own grief and feel powerless to help children. This is a great resource on a subject that's frequently ignored.
~ EnglishRain, HopefulHealing

As a nurse who has studied death, dying and grieving I think this book will provide you with some insight on how children think and react to death. I think it may provide you with some good tips on how to help your child grieve.
~ Chandra, The Storm