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Celebrate a Loved One With an Online Memorial

Navy TemplateThe loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to deal with. There are many different aspects of death that must be dealt with in order to move on. Along with your natural grieving process, a funeral must be arranged, along with memorial services. When doing this, it is important to be able to reach out to as many people as possible in order for them to pay their respects to the deceased. This is especially true if some people are unable to attend a funeral or memorial service for whatever reason. To this end, allows you to create an online memorial for celebrating the life of a lost loved one, and to help others come to terms with their death. This helps unite family from all across the board, and even notifies those who were simple acquaintances with the deceased pay their final respects.

The services offered at allow you to create an online memorial to celebrate the life of your passed on loved one, and to reach out to others to do the same. An online memorial is a tribute to the life of those who have passed away. It details the many achievements that the deceased has accomplished in their life, as well as memorable moments that have touched the lives of those around them. An online memorial is a great way to keep lost loved ones in your memory forever, and a new way to pay tribute in this age of information technology.

An online memorial is made up of several aspects, one of which is the life story, which, as previously stated, summarizes the life journeys of the fallen. It comes in handy especially if you want to write a long obituary, but cannot afford to pay a newspaper the kind of money to run an longer article. Another benefit over a newspaper obituary is that it will remain online for awhile, while the newspaper only runs it once, meaning that it can be easily overlooked. When choosing to do an online life story you can also make it private so only those close to you will know how to access it, while in a newspaper everyone would be able to see it.

Also, when creating your virtual memorial or online obituary you have the ability to add photographs, audio, and even video. This is a great way to show the life of the deceased, rather than simply tell it. People will feel more in touch, and will be able to mourn them properly by celebrating their life and remembering how he or she was in real life before they passed on. Your photographs can be chronologically ordered to show the progression of the deceased through their life, from childhood to maturity. This way those who did not know them too well will be able to feel a connection with them, and better understand who they were. The multimedia capabilities of virtual memorials far surpass the cold print of a newspaper memorial column, and serve as a fitting tribute to a life once lived.

Furthermore, virtual memorials allow friends and family to share their stories of the deceased via a memory bank. This is an excellent way to deal with the grieving process, and to enlighten others of memorable moments they may have been unaware of. “My grandad sailed the entire world?”, asks bright eyed young Johnny while reading an online memorial. Little Johnny is able to feel more in tune with the actual personality of his little known grandpa, rather than just know that he simply passed on. A guest book can also be added for people to sign and give their condolences for the loss.

Everything about your online memorial can be controlled in order to keep it as personal or public as you wish. You owe it to your loved one to celebrate their life, and to allow others to see their accomplishments. A life is not something that merely existed in the past; it touched the hearts of many and can continue to do so even after death. We must not forget our fallen comrades, as they are the ones who laid the foundation for us to walk on now. This is why creating an online memorial is a good idea. Share the life story of your deceased loved one, and allow others to do the same. Visit it from time to time, and marvel at the incredible stories that fill up from other friends and family.

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