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A Special Place for Grieving Families to Support Each Other

People in the Las Vegas, NV area who have never met each other are brought together at Adam’s Place by one common event: death. Kelly Thomas-Boyers founded Adam’s Place: A Grief Center for Children and Families as a house of healing after she lost her own son, Adam, 21, in a 2007 auto collision. Adam’s Place is set to officially open in September 2010.

Services to Help the Bereaved

Adam’s Place will have trained volunteers who provide grief support, along with other services, free of charge to those ages three and up. Guidance counselor Alice Vaughn-Motley, who works in a local school district, volunteers her time at Adam’s Place and will refer the non-profit’s service to students with whom she works in the schools.

Thomas-Boyes states in an interview with the “Las Vegas Review-Journal”:

“It is not easy to lose someone and not have resources to cope. I just want to make sure everyone feels like they can come here. Truly, if there is a seed that can be planted, it will grow. So now I’m lucky to be watching this seed grow.”

Plan for the Future Now

It is important for families to receive grief support after the death of a loved one. What is equally important, especially for parents, is to make end-of-life preparations in advance. Doing so will answer any questions about one’s final wishes regarding the division of property and what to do if one is afflicted with a certain medical condition.

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