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After The Funeral: Sending Thoughtful Acknowledgements

During our moments of deepest grief, we are often surprised by the number of friends, family and acquaintances that lend their help, thoughts and prayers to us in an effort to sooth our bereavement and comfort our hearts.  Sympathy baskets, memorial flower arrangements and thoughtful cards and letters all expressing deepest condolences help the mourning remember that they are not alone in their grief and that they can find solace in others.

After the funeral as we try to move forward in life, it is important to acknowledge those that helped us during a difficult time. It is customary for families to send out thank you notes to those that sent flowers, helped with the funeral service or made donations on the deceased’s behalf.  Funeral stationery and acknowledgement cards are available in many different types, colors and themes both online and at local stationary stores.  The funeral home used for the service may even provide some to choose from.

Many have found that writing these thank you notes also helps in the healing process as it reaffirms the love their loved one had during their life and the support system that remains for the rest of the family.

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