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Create a Unique Custom Burial

Making a funeral special and unique is often difficult to do. In the depths of grief, making creative decisions about burials, the service and the headstone can be daunting. It quickly becomes easier to just go with the quality standards available through your funeral home or director. This is why I am always encouraging readers to begin talking about and creating a funeral plan for yourself or an elderly loved on.  By thinking ahead, you will be able to give the deceased a ceremony and a service that they want – one that is loving, celebratory, and in-line with how they lived their life and want to be remembered.

Choosing how you will be buried is a difficult decision but is an area where creativity and indivuality can really shine through. Consider these areas where you can be creative:

  1. casketCaskets: Your casket can be as unique and creative as you wish.  Caskets can be adorned with pictures that express a personality. There are caskets that can be branded with your favorite sports team or include a holy picture of Mary.  They can be as embellished or as simple as you would like.  Grand steel or simple oak caskets are available. They can be different colors. They can also use various materials inside for the lining, reflecting favorite colors and styles.  Caskets can also be created out of bio-degradable material for those that wish to give back to the earth when they go.
  2. urnUrns: If cremated, urns are available in all styles, colors, and materials.  Granite or copper urns are traditional but simple stone boxes and globes are also common.  Urns too can be made of biodegradable materials if the family wishes to bury the remains somewhere else or scatter them at a favorite location. There are even urn-like vessels available for those that wish to be buried at sea.
  3. Shrouds: The shroud is what the deceased body is wrapped in when placed in the casket.  These shrouds traditionally are simple linen or silk.  However, shrouds are now available that can be embellished with beautiful colored fabrics or with other embellishments. Shrouds too can be made biodegradable for green burials.
  4. Headstones: The headstone or memorial marker is the most common place to express individuality and creativity.  Headstones and markers can be found in all shapes, sizes and types.  Many companies are available to create lasting headstones. Headstones can include a quote or poem. They can be etched with an image and now, some companies are now able to put a color photo on the headstone.
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