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Father’s Day Memorial Ideas

Father’s Day can be a tough day for families that have lost a father. Families in this situation can use this special day of the year to remember and honor fathers with tributes, memorials or new traditions.

Father’s Day Memorial Ideas

  • Remember him with stories. If the loss of a father is recent for a family, do not avoid the subject on Father’s Day. Instead, share stories and traits you admired the most about him with your family and friends.
  • Remember him with art. Father’s Day may be a difficult occasion for grieving children who lost a father. Again, do not avoid the subject or pretend this day does not exist. Instead, encourage children to write a poem or draw a picture as a tribute.
  • Display photos. Use Father’s Day to remember a late father by looking through a photo album of his pictures and displaying framed photos around the home. This will help keep the family’s memories of him alive.
  • Visit the grave site. When children are old enough and want to go, visiting the grave site of a deceased father can help a family feel closer to the departed even though that person is no longer physically present.
  • Plant a tree in the father’s memory. Planting a tree can help create a memorial that will last for many years to come. Consider planting a tree at home or at the loved one’s favorite park (if allowed).
  • Create an online memorial. Making an online memorial for a deceased father is free and simple. When your make an online memorial, you can post pictures of the father you are remembering, share stories about him, and invite friends and family to do the same. In addition, you can customize the page with the online memorial template of your choice, including templates for those who were public servants or in the Armed Forces.

Dealing with Grief

Father’s Day is often the most difficult for children and youths who have lost a dad. You can help them deal with their grief on this day by understanding their grieving process, saying comforting words and encouraging communication. Learn more about children and grief.

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