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Memorial in Honor of Whitesville Miners

An official memorial to honor the miners who lost their lives in the Upper Big Branch mines is planned for the city of Whitesville, West Virginia. On April 5, 2010, a group of 29 miners tragically lost their lives after an explosion trapped then inside a mine and exposed them to toxic methane gas.

Whitesville Miners Memorial Park

The West Virginia Council of Churches is collecting funds to build the Whitesville Miners Memorial Park. The “Pittsburg Post-Gazette” reports that Patty Ann Manios, treasurer of the Whitesville Miners Memorial Park Committee, stated, “The whole point of this is to have a place for the community to come as a place of healing.”

The funds the Whitesville Miners Memorial Park Committee is attempting to raise are coming in slowly and in small amounts, but every little bit helps. The hope is that the memorial park will contain two separate sections: one that memorializes the 29 men who lost their lives at Upper Big Branch and another that honors all miners who lost their lives because of mine accidents.

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