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Plant a Tree in Someone’s Memory for Earth Day

Families often plant trees to honor a loved one’s life or to recognize their passing. With Earth Day soon upon us, consider planting your own tree in memory of those departed and as a way to help the environment.

If you know a family that has recently experienced the passing of a loved one, consider giving them a memorial tree to memorialize the departed’s life. Unlike cut floral arrangements, a live tree will last for many years.

Oak trees are typically planted to honor someone’s memory, but it is acceptable to plant other types of trees. Memorial tree and plant ideas include:

  • Flowering Mimosa trees
  • Angel’s Breath
  • African lilies
  • Heart of Gold rosebud trees
  • Clematis Golden Cross flowering vines
  • Angel Face roses

In addition, the Arbor Day Foundation plants trees in national forests on a person or family’s behalf as a dedication to love ones and pets that have passed. However, you can always plant a tree in your own yard or a local memorial garden and place a memorial garden stake near the tree as an accent.

Planting a tree in a loved one’s memory for Earth Day is a simple and inexpensive way to memorialize a loved one. It will not only benefit you or the family that receives the memorial gift, but will benefit future generations as a symbol of long-lasting memories.

[photo: USFS Region 5]

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