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Three Reasons to Post Your Obituary Online

Anyone who has placed an obituary or death notice in a newspaper has noticed it is not cheap. Death notices placed in newspapers are tools that let acquaintances of the departed know the calling hours and the details about the funeral or memorial service. They can also serve as a record of a person’s death should their death certificate become unavailable. However, recently the costs of obituaries and death notices are seen as paid advertisements that mainly benefit the newspaper company.

Better solutions are available in the form of online obituaries and memorials. Online memorials are as easy to set up as a social networking membership and have advantages you cannot find in printed obituaries.

Here are three reasons to post your obituary online:

  1. Save money. Membership to many online memorial and obituary sites is free. After your account is set up, some sites allow you to send obituaries and death notices to those in your email contact list. In addition, some online obituary services provide free bereavement resources and expert grief-related articles.
  2. Personalization. When you post an online obituary, you can typically add as many of your own pictures and videos as you like and create online memorial photo albums and virtual slide shows. Choose from a bank of templates with different backgrounds, and add as little or as much about the departed as you like. Once the online obituary you created is complete, you can share the website with your friends, family members and followers via Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Lasting memories. Unlike an obituary or a death notice that may run for only a few days in a newspaper, online obituaries create a lasting memory that is accessible well into the future. Write as much as you like about the departed’s life story without worrying how many lines or words you have written. Friends and family of the departed can share their own stories and memories free of charge when they feel ready.

Learn more about creating an obituary online.

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