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Tony Blair Shares Memories of Princess Diana in His Memoirs

August 31 marked the 13th anniversary of the auto collision that ultimately took the life of Diana, Princess of Whales in 1997. In his new memoir, A Journey: My Political Life, former Prime Minister Tony Blair recounts the death of the “People’s Princess” was a turning point for the British Monarchy and the British government.

After the tragedy that Blair describes as a “global event like no other,” the BBC reports that Blair said he had to measures to protect the Royal Family after the death of the much-loved princess from the public’s anger. Blair states he found their lack of acknowledgement about the situation “bizarre.” However, the family was eventually able to “…open up while remaining royal”.

When it comes to Princess Diana, Blair admits he felt she was, “extraordinarily captivating,” and stated, “I really liked her and, of course, was as big a sucker for a beautiful princess as the next man: but I was wary too.” He explained the princess had a “wildness of emotions” and was an “unpredictable meteor” when it came to the relationship with her in-laws.

Reflecting upon the phrase he coined for Princess Diana, the “people’s princess,” Blair thinks it seems “corny now,” but felt like a natural reference for the late princess when he said it.

The BBC states:

“Referring to the origin of his famous remarks on the day after Diana’s death, he says he scribbled a few words on the back of an envelope and then sought the ‘advice and input’ of his communications director Alastair Campbell – widely believed to have come up with the phrase the ‘people’s princess’.

“But he added: ‘At the time it felt natural and I thought, particularly, that she would have approved. It was how she saw herself and it was how she should be remembered’.”

Read more about Tony Blair’s thoughts regarding Princess Diana.

[photo: The British Monarchy]

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