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Why Choose A Green Burial

We are hearing more and more about alternate burial options. This increase may be due to the aging of the baby boomers or the increased awareness of sustainability. Whatever the reason, making pre-planned funeral arrangements has caused many to consider how they would like to see their funerals conducted and what would be best for future generations. That is why many are looking toward green burial options.

Green burials are burials that do not damage the environment in anyway, and in most cases actually give back to the earth. There are many reasons to consider a green burial.

  • Cemeteries use an incredible amount of pesticides and weed killers to maintain, putting unnecessary amounts of pollutants in the ground.
  • Cemeteries take up considerable amount of land that takes away from the natural habitat in the area.
  • Green burials include the use of biodegradable coffins that are easily saturated into the earth, often times at a fraction of the cost of a traditional coffin.
  • Cremation procedures produce toxic pollutants that send mercury emissions and dioxins into the atmosphere.
  • New cremation equipment can use up to three times as much gas as older versions and toxic filters used in these processes are put into land-fills.
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